I’ve been playing music forever. I took formal bass lessons growing up figured out guitar after. I played in bands through high school and into my mid twenties. I started using computers to compose and record my music in 1997.
Around that time I started getting into electronic music and programming synths.I graduated from The Institute of Audio Research in New York City, New York in 2005. After I interned at Big Blue Meenie Recording Studios in Jersey City, New Jersey.


I write all my own music. I play most of the instruemtns and sing. What I cant play, I sequence on a computer.
I try to experiment with as many different types of music as I can. My main genres are rock and Electronic music. I started experimenting with noise and drone music.
I’ll listen to anything. Ill play anthing.


Im not trying to be a rock star, but I would
like to make a living writing music.